Uni Roles is part of The Uni Group. As well providing an online job-board service, The Uni Group has created products & services that Universities will find beneficial in attracting quality staff and students for academic uni jobs. Our current and future products & services include:

Uni Roles
Find and attract the best talent for your university by advertising your roles on our job-board. We have a number of options available to promote your role to an active & passive job-seeker database.

Uni Recruitment
Ask us how we can provide you with the details of renowned scholars that match a criteria of your choosing. We can even assist you with the introduction and end-to-end recruitment process.

Uni Research
Find out how your University can promote it's research achievements through one of our University Research Hubs. Promoting your research accomplishments to our audience will assist with recruitment, provide collaboration opportunities and drive a new level of engagement with peers from Universities all over the world.

Uni Reach
Attracting talented staff is tough. Making your University stand out from the crowd for International students is tougher still! Our Uni Reach product will provide your university with the contact details of prospective students that have shown an interest in studying at your University.

If you would like more details on any of the above services, please contact us to find out more.


It's been a long time since UK Universities had a choice when it comes to online job advertising, and there has never been a company so dedicated to assisting universities with achieving their talent acquisition goals. Welcome to Worldwide Talent Acquisition.

We’ve launched the first of our talent acquisition products in United Kingdom, Uni Roles UK. Through Uni Roles we will offer United Kingdom Universities the ability to post all of their Academic, Professional, Research & Executive roles in one place, at a rate that based on our performanc.

Uni Roles UK is part of the new evolution of online university job advertising. No longer do unis have to rely on 'post & pray' job-boards to attract quality candidates. Our ability to attract active and passive candidates using programmatic advertising strategies, along with our unique 'pay for performance'revenu model establish us a innovative change leader in the higher education sector with a brand whose core values support the holistic promotion of academic excellence.

We look forward to helping your university achieve its recruitment needs.
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